How To Make it in Any Business

Business Life

The life of an entrepreneur is no simple hustle.  It involves years of dedication and perseverance. The ability to see storms coming before they exist and the panache to understand what the marketplace is missing/ what the customer wants to experience that is not being provided in the marketplace.

I ran across a recipe site recently, that was very intriguing to me.  It revolved entirely around meatloaf.   Usually, on recipe sites you see everything under the sun.  From vegetables to meet to fruit to pies and desert!  This site had decided to take one particular niche and make their site entirely in dedication to it.  After studying the site for sometime I realized they may have opportunities to make syngergistic pairings with wine and/or liquors/beers.  This made sense to me because meatloaf is such a hearty dish and it is easy to provide at potlucks or larger gatherings, which is where, of course, liquor/spirits/beer is served.

Anywho, I digress.  The point of this site which was impressive was though it is designed well and has some enticing recipes, it had ads on it.  I was thinking to myself, what if this site were to just attempt to be a successful business off of ads in the recipe space. That would be brilliant. It would be brilliant because it has such a great demographic.  Who do you think would be purchasing or perusing a site like that, filled with meatloaf recips galore??  Mom’s that’s who!  And mother’s are the number one consumers in the world.  They think of everyone and therefore shop for everyone.

I don’t mean to say that this would be a walk in the park for them to make it into a successfull recipe business but if they wanted to, I certainly believe they could.  I mean look at All Recipes.  They were bought for 175 Million dollars!   If you could just get 1 Million that would be enough for a lifetime perhaps.  Incredible.

Well, to sum this first article up I wanted to say that no matter what niche, even a silly recipe niche, you choose to open a business in, with a good idea, perseverance and on-going study, you will be sure to make it happen.

Here’s to your greatest success!